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1992Progress report / Thatta District Health Systems Research Project, phase II, year 2, June 1991-May 1992Aga Khan University; IDRC; Sindh (Pakistan). Dept. of HealthIDRC Only
1997Progress report to the Canadian International Development Agency, 1 July - 31 Dec. 1996 : Environmental Management Development in UkraineIDRCOpen Access
1982Project Impact : the overviewIDRC; Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology; McKee, N.; Hoffman, B.Open Access
1975Project: Inter-Agency Document Reference Tape (IADRT) : final reportIDRC; Inter-Organization Board for Information Systems and Related ActivitiesIDRC Only
-Projects / IDRCIDRCOpen Access
1972Projects approved by the IDRC as at Mar. 31, 1972IDRCIDRC Only
1973Projects approved by the IDRC as at Mar. 31, 1973IDRCIDRC Only
1972Projects approved by the IDRC as at Sept. 30, 1972IDRCIDRC Only
1994Promoting urban agriculture : a strategy framework for planners in North America, Europe, and AsiaIDRC; Sommers, P.; Smit, J.Open Access
1981Prospecting for research goldIDRC; Stanley, B.; Hibler, M.Open Access
2004Prospectus for the Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Program Initiative for 2005 - 2010IDRCOpen Access
2004Prospectus for the Peace, Conflict and Development Program Initiative for 2005 - 2010IDRCOpen Access
2004Prospectus for the Rural Poverty and Environment Program Initiative for 2005 - 2010IDRCOpen Access
1980Provisional bibliography : fish by-catch from shrimp trawling prepared for Round Table on Non-Traditional Fishery Products for Mass Human Consumption, Sept. 15-19, 1980, Washington, D.C.IDRC; Turnbull, D.IDRC Only
1975Public housing in Singapore : a multi-disciplinary studyIDRC; Singapore. Housing and Development Board; Yeh, S.H.K.IDRC Only
1994Public Information Program : a corporate communications strategy for the International Development Research CentreIDRCIDRC Only
1975Public policy and migratory behavior in selected developing countries; draft.IDRC; Laquian, A.A.; Simmons, A.B.Open Access
-Publications / IDRC = Publications / CRDI = Publicaciones / CIIDIDRC; CRDI; CIIDOpen Access
1994Publications catalogue / IDRC = Catalogue des publications / CRDI = Catálogo de publicaciones / CIIDIDRC; CRDI; CIIDOpen Access
1992Publications from IDRC = Publications du CRDI = Publicaciones del CIIDIDRC; CRDI; CIIDOpen Access