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1992At what price higher education in Africa? : a case study of higher education systems in CameroonIDRC; Ngu, J.L.; Yunkap Kwankam, S.Open Access
1983Attitudes of primary school children in Ghana : family and school determinants of children's attitudesIDRC; Ntumi, R.A.Open Access
1995Attracting private sector funding : lessons learnedIDRC; Mannar, V.; Nostbakken, D.; Campeau, A.IDRC Only
2012Audio slideshow: Overview and lessons from the Canadian Learning Forum 2012 on Virtual Platforms, Knowledge Management and International DevelopmentIDRCOpen Access
2011Author Workshops video transcriptions for webIDRCOpen Access
1977Automated counting of Trypanosoma congolense in bovine bloodIDRC; Mills, J.N.IDRC Only
2002Balancing people and resources : interdisciplinary research and coastal areas management in the wider CaribbeanIDRC; Université Laval; International Ocean Institute (Pacem in Maribus)IDRC Only
1987Bamboo : the miracle grassIDRC; McKee, N.; Whitehead, B.Open Access
1980Bamboo research in Asia : proceedings of a workshop held in Singapore, 28-30 May 1980IDRC; International Union of Forestry Research Organizations; Lessard, L.G.; Chouinard, A.Open Access
1985Banana Production and Research in Eastern and Central Africa : proceedings of a regional workshop held in Bujumbura, Burundi, 14-17 Dec. 1983IDRC. Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences Division; Institut de recherche agronomique et zootechnique; IDRC; Kirkby, R.A.; Ngendahayo, D.Open Access
1991Bangkok : a city speaksIDRC; Open University; British Broadcasting Corporation; Morris, E.; Rae, S.IDRC Only
1973BangladeshIDRC; Savage, G.Open Access
1992Barley yellow dwarf in West Asia and North AfricaInternational Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas; IDRC; Comeau, A.; Makkouk, K.M.Open Access
1983Basic housing : policies for urban sites, services, and shelter in developing countriesIDRC; World Bank; Laquian, A.A.Open Access
1979Basic methods of specimen preparation in parasitologyIDRC; Kennedy, M.J.Open Access
1985Bean network : proceedings of the first workshop held at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada, 26-29 June 1985IDRC; Edwardson, W.; Fisher, A.; McNaughton, A.Open Access
1974Benefits of project evaluation revisitedIDRCOpen Access
1973Benefits of project evaluation to IDRC and AFNSIDRCOpen Access
1973Best "pill" is development.IDRC; Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
1976Bibliography on cytokininsIDRC; University of Saskatchewan; Kannangara, T.IDRC Only