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1994African discoveryBroadcasting for International Understanding Corporation; CIDA; IDRC; Mowbray, D.; Medina, A.; Lumb, L.IDRC Only
1977African Government documents : proceedings of the Preparatory Workshop on African Government documentsAfrican Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development; IDRC; El Hadi, M.M.IDRC Only
2000African youth on the information highway : participation and leadership in community developmentIDRC; Ogbu, O.; Mihyo, P.Open Access
1990After the harvestNational Agricultural Laboratories; IDRC; Bailey, C.; Whitehead, W.; del Grandé, L.; McKee, N.Open Access
2002Ageing and long - term care : national policies in the Asia - PacificIDRC; Institute of Southeast Asian Studies; Chan, A.C.M.; Phillips, D.R.Open Access
1993Agenda 21 : abstracts, reviews and commentariesIDRC; Carroll-Foster, T.Open Access
1993Agenda 21 : green paths to the futureIDRCOpen Access
1994Agenda 21 Unit overview, no. 1 - no. 15, June 1994IDRCOpen Access
2004Agricultura urbana en América Latina y el Caribe : impactos y lecciones de la segunda generación de proyectos de investigaciónIDRC; ITDG. Oficina Regional para América Latina; Mougeot, L.J.A.; Boischio, A.; Taboulchanas, K.; La Cruz, G.Open Access
1988Agricultural Economics ProgramIDRCOpen Access
1985Agricultural EconomyIDRCIDRC Only
2006Agricultural growth and poverty reduction : a scoping studyIDRC; Wiggins, SteveOpen Access
1985Agricultural information : experiences and emerging issuesIDRC; Broadbent, K.P.Open Access
1992Agricultural marketing in LesothoNational University of Lesotho. Institute for South African Studies; University of Saskatchewan. Agricultural Economics Dept.; IDRC; Mochebelele, M.T.; Mokitimi, N.L.; Ngqaleni, M.T.; Storey, G.G.; Swallow, B.M.Open Access
1981Agricultural research in Uganda : a program for rehabilitation; the report of an IDRC Mission of Evaluation, 1981IDRCOpen Access
1980Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences : IDRC program directionsIDRCOpen Access
1985Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences DivisionIDRCIDRC Only
1977Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Sciences Division : the first five yearsIDRCOpen Access
1973AGRIS and the developing countries : recommendations of the FAO / IDRC meeting held in Rome, 26-28 Sept. 1973FAO; IDRC; CIIDIDRC Only
1980AGRIS corporate name authority fileIDRCIDRC Only