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2004Cities feeding people : urban agriculture and city planning in North and South; an IDRC panel (papers)IDRC; Mougeot, L.J.A.; Sommers, P.; Sawio, C.; Cosgrove, S.; Greenhow, T.Open Access
2005Cities Feeding People Program (CFP) : Internet websiteIDRCOpen Access
2000Cities Feeding People Program Initiative (CFP PI) : phase 2 prospectus 2000 - 2004IDRCOpen Access
1992Cities in transition : towards an urban policy for a democratic South Africa; mission reportIDRCOpen Access
1997Civil (dis) obedience (disobedience) and social development in the new policy agenda : research priorities for analysing the role of civil society organizations in social policy reform; with particular attention to Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin AmericaIDRC; Rutherford, B.Open Access
1981Clean water for allIDRC; Hibler, M.Open Access
1997Co-management of natural resources in Canada : a review of concepts and case studiesIDRC; Rusnak, GerettOpen Access
1991Coconuts for malaria vector controlIDRC; Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia; Novak, P.Open Access
1972ColombiaIDRC; Savage, G.Open Access
1981Coloured cotton : return of the nativeIDRC; Vreeland, J.M.Open Access
1990Common understanding for a common future : Latin American perspectives on global environmental change; report of a workshop, Caracas, Venezuela, 26-28 Sept. 1989Human Dimensions of Global Change Programme; International Federation of Institutes for Advanced Study; IDRC; Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas; Soto, A.; Neef, M.M.; Valencia, H.IDRC Only
1996Communities responding : the leishmaniasis challengeIDRC; George, E.; Ramlochand, J.; Gilgrass, D.Open Access
2005Community - Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) in Asia : program brochureIDRCOpen Access
2002Community - based natural resource management : a bird's eye viewIDRC; Min-Dong Paul LeeOpen Access
1999Community - based technologies for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse : options for urban agricultureIDRC; Rose, G.D.Open Access
1998Community - based water quality monitoring (WQM) for Panama rural health and water programs : consultancy report (July 1997 - January 1998)IDRC; Sánchez, A.; Dutka, B.Open Access
1991Companion papers to information and development : a strategy for IDRCIDRC; Durrant, F.; Cliche, G.; Morin-Labatut, G.; Browne, P.; Benmouffok, D.-
2010Competition Research Training Workshop Agenda and ReportIDRCOpen Access
1970Computer requirements study : progress reportIDRC; Kelly, A.M.; Jaubert, Y.P.IDRC Only
1976Concept of a management information system for the International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA)IDRC; Audet, R.J.; Zdyb, E.M.; Perrin, C.L.Open Access