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1974Report on the evaluation of the fisheries project : West AfricaHulse, J.H.Open Access
1974Research and development in advanced countries and transfer of results for industrial development to developing countriesHulse, J.H.Open Access
1975Research and development requirements on post-harvest systemsHulse, J.H.Open Access
1980Research and post-production systemsHulse, J.H.Open Access
1981Research and postproduction systemsHulse, J.H.IDRC Only
1977Research managementHulse, J.H.Open Access
1976Research managementHulse, J.H.Open Access
1977Research managementHulse, J.H.IDRC Only
1974Research on post-harvest technologyConsultative Group on International Agricultural Research, Technical Advisory Committee; Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1977Récolte du poissonHulse, J.H.Open Access
1979Role of food processing and distributing industriesHulse, J.H.Open Access
1984Safety of novel foods : report of a Working Group meeting, 15 June 1984IDRC; Interunion Commission on the Application of Science to Agriculture, Forestry and Aquaculture; Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1978Science helps fill the protein gapHulse, J.H.Open Access
1992Science, development and food security : Third World Academy of Science Lecture, Cairo 1992Interunion Commission on the Application of Science to Agriculture, Forestry and Aquaculture; Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1987Science, technology and the universityHulse, J.H.Open Access
1987Sequías : inevitables, impredecibles, cómo se producen y qué consecuencias tienen las sequías recurrentesHulse, J.H.; Escott, V.J.IDRC Only
1980Sorghum and the millets : their composition and nutritive valueHulse, J.H.; Laing, E.M.; Pearson, O.E.Open Access
1971Speech to the Canadian National Millers AssociationIDRC; Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1971Speech to the Nutrition Research Centre, Laval University, Quebec City, Nov. 19, 1971Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1987Suggested outline for nutrition research support : International Development Research CentreHulse, J.H.Open Access