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1977Food from Land II : non-animal proteinHulse, J.H.Open Access
1976Food processing problems and potentialHulse, J.H.IDRC Only
1978Food research - for whose benefitHulse, J.H.Open Access
1983Food resources and responsibility : a tale of two worlds; presidential address to the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science, 53d Congress, May 1983, Perth, AustraliaHulse, J.H.Open Access
1981Food science and nutrition : the gulf between rich and poorHulse, J.H.Open Access
1983Food science and society : presidential address to the IUFoST 6th World Congress, Dublin, Ireland, Sept. 1983Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1982Food science, for richer or for poorer, for sickness or for health : paper presented to IFST Summer Symposium, York, England, 1 Sept. 1982Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1978Food scientist in international developmentHulse, J.H.IDRC Only
1978Food scientist in international developmentHulse, J.H.Open Access
1987Fueling the forestHulse, J.H.IDRC Only
1987Fueling the forest : for presentation to the 10th anniversary of the International Council for Research in Agroforestry, 7-11 Sept. 1987Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1986Future for Africa : hope or despairHulse, J.H.Open Access
1985Hommage au Professeur NayudammaHulse, J.H.Open Access
1972Household scientist in international developmentIDRC; Hulse, J.H.IDRC Only
1980How nutrition priorities can be integrated into crop improvement programsHulse, J.H.IDRC Only
1978How nutrition priorities can be integrated into crop improvement programsHulse, J.H.; Pearson, O.E.Open Access
1981Human implications of protein utilizationHulse, J.H.IDRC Only
1978Human implications of protein utilizationHulse, J.H.Open Access
1987Human resource and technological development : plenary paper to the 7th World Congress of Food Science and Technology, 1 Oct. 1987Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1984IDRC regional offices : their history and responsibilitiesHulse, J.H.Open Access