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1997Pan Asian Networking Project : a survey of communications activitiesIDRC; Graham, M.Open Access
1999Pan-Asia Networking : a review of the PAN Program Initiative of IDRCGraham, M.; Harfoush, N.Open Access
1982Para hacerlo bien : un proyecto de investigaciónGraham, M.Open Access
1983Partage du savoir : information et développementGraham, M.Open Access
1977Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root CropsCentro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; IDRC; US. AID; International Society for Tropical Root Crops; Cock, J.; MacIntyre, R.; Graham, M.Open Access
1984Proceedings of Workshop on Home and Village Prepared Supplementary Food Practices in AsiaMahidol University. Institute of Nutrition; IDRC. Health Sciences Division; Graham, M.; Stuckey, A.; Somjai Wichaidit; Valyasevi, A.Open Access
1979Rattan : tremendous scope for use and researchGraham, M.Open Access
1977Resúmenes de los trabajos presentados durante el Cuarto Simposio de la Sociedad Internacional de Raíces Comestibles TropicalesSociedad Internacional de Raíces Comestibles Tropicales; Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; CIID; US. AID; Cock, J.; MacIntyre, R.; Graham, M.Open Access
1976Rice postharvest management technology [Korean language]Araullo, E.V.; Padua, D.B.; Graham, M.IDRC Only
1979Scientifiques au secours du rotinGraham, M.Open Access
1983Sharing knowledge : library linkage in Southeast AsiaGraham, M.Open Access
1983Sharing knowledge : no single library can afford to acquire everything that has been publishedGraham, M.IDRC Only
1978Sorghum and millet : food production and use; report of a workshop ...Vogel, S.; Graham, M.Open Access
1979Standardization of analytical methodology for feeds : proceedings ...IDRC; International Union of Nutritional Sciences; Pigden, W.J.; Balch, C.C.; Graham, M.Open Access
2004Strategic evaluation of the influence of research on public policyIDRC. Evaluation Unit; Graham, M.Open Access
1984Tecnología de bombas manuales : investigación y evaluación en AsiaSharp, D.S.; Graham, M.Open Access
1999Unganisha : an assessment of results and effectivenessIDRC. Evaluation Unit; Graham, M.Open Access
1997Use of information and communication technologies in IDRC projects : lessons learnedGraham, M.Open Access
1980Wildlife disease research and economic development : proceedings of a workshop held in Kabete, Kenya, 8 and 9 Sept. 1980IDRC; Karstad, L.; Nestel, B.; Graham, M.Open Access
1995Writing and editing technical documentsIDRC; Graham, M.Open Access