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1997Investing in mountains : innovative mechanisms and promising examples for financing conservation and sustainable development; synthesis of a mountain forum electronic conference in support of the mountain agendaWoodlands Mountain Institute; FAO; Preston, LynelleIDRC Only
1972Latin America incomunicado.FAO; Beltrán S., L.R.IDRC Only
1997Livestock and the environment : meeting the challengeFAOIDRC Only
1999Livestock to 2020 : the next food revolutionInternational Food Policy Research Institute; International Livestock Research Institute; FAO; Delgado, C.; Rosegrant, M.; Steinfeld, H.; Ehui, S.; Courbois, C.Open Access
1971Meeting on Livestock Improvement and Disease Control.FAO; Nestel, B.L.IDRC Only
1995National agricultural research systems of West and Central AfricaFAOIDRC Only
1992NGOs and Tree Growing Programs : Working Between Farmers and Governments; report of an international workshop, Sept. 24-27, 1991 in Pune, IndiaBAIF Development Research Foundation; Winrock International Center for Economic Policy Studies; FAO; Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association; IDRC; Taylor, D.A.Open Access
1996Participatory plant breeding : proceedings of a workshop on participatory plant breeding, 26-29 July 1995, Wageningen, The NetherlandsIDRC; FAO; Centrum voor Plantenveredelings- en Reproduktieonderzoek; International Plant Genetic Resources Institute; Eyzaguirre, P.; Iwanaga, M.Open Access
2003Perspectives on the next generation of watershed management programmes : drawing lessons for agroforestry from a global process led by FAO in 2002 and 2003World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF); FAOIDRC Only
1983Pesca acompañante del camarón - un regalo del mar : informe de una consulta técnica sobre la utilización de la pesca acompañante del camarón celebrada en Georgetown, Guyana, 27-30 oct. 1981FAO; CIIDOpen Access
1983Pêche secondaire - un cadeau des mers : rapport d'une consultation technique sur l'utilisation des prises secondaires dans la pêche des crevettes, tenue à Georgetown (Guyane) du 27-30 oct. 1981FAO; CRDIOpen Access
1993Poisson pour demain : résumé du rapport; étude sur la recherche halieutique internationaleBanque mondiale; PNUD; Commission des communautés européennes; FAOIDRC Only
1974Possible role of international centres and international and bilateral agencies and foundations in strengthening animal production and health research for the developing countries.FAO; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1978Priorities for action in grain post-harvest loss reductionGroup for Assistance on Systems Relating to Grain After Harvest; FAO; Institut de recherches agronomiques tropicales et des cultures vivrières; IDRC; Kansas State University, Food and Feed Grain Institute; Tropical Products Institute; Cheshire, C.A.IDRC Only
1989Proceedings / World Symposium on Fishing Gear and Fishing Vessel Design, 1988Newfoundland and Labrador Institute of Fisheries and Marine Technology; FAO; International Council for the Exploration of the Sea; Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyIDRC Only
2001Proceedings of the Validation Forum on the Global Cassava Development Strategy, Rome, 26-28 April 2000 : A review of cassava in Asia with country case studies on Thailand and Viet Nam, Volume 3FAO; International Fund for Agricultural DevelopmentOpen Access
2001Proceedings of the Validation Forum on the Global Cassava Development Strategy, Rome, 26-28 April 2000 : volume 1, the global cassava development strategy and implementation planFAO; International Fund for Agricultural DevelopmentIDRC Only
1980Rapport de la deuxième Consulation technique des centres participant à AGRIS, Rome, Italie, 12-15 mai 1980FAOIDRC Only
1994Report : AFROFOODS organisational meeting, 19-23 Sept. 1994, Accra, GhanaUniversity of Ghana; FAO; United Nations UniversityIDRC Only
1974Report on the FAO Expert Consultation on Animal Production and Health ResearchFAO; IDRC; European Association for Animal Production; World Association for Animal Production; World Veterinary AssociationIDRC Only