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Dec-1985Bean network : proceedings of the first workshop held at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada, 26-29 June 1985Edwardson, W.; Fisher, A.; McNaughton, A.Open Access
Jun-1987Bean network : proceedings of the second workshop held in Antigua, Guatemala, 1-7 June 1986Elias, L.G.; Edwardson, W.Open Access
Jun-1988Bean Network : proceedings of the third workshop held in Termas de Panimavida, Chile, 25-28 Nov. 1987Holberg, A.; Edwardson, W.Open Access
1994Bioengineering and bioprocesses : needs and opportunities in Latin AmericaEdwardson, W.; Aguilera, J.M.; San Martín, R.Open Access
1994Biotechnology in developing countries : research advances and applicationsEdwardson, W.; Graham, M.Open Access
1998Bringing new bananas to the Canadian market : IDRC experience with the FHIA varietiesIDRC; Sauvé, E.; Edwardson, W.Open Access
1995Changes at IDRC and its positionEdwardson, W.Open Access
1980Energy and environmental implications of novel protein production systemsEdwardson, W.; Lewis, C.W.; Slesser, M.IDRC Only
1982Energy and post-production systems : the IDRC programEdwardson, W.Open Access
1983Energy and post-production systems : the IDRC programEdwardson, W.Open Access
1985Extending agricultural research beyond the farm : experiences of IDRC's Postproduction Systems ProgramEdwardson, W.; Graham, M.Open Access
1985Food engineering and the Third World : technology transfer; lessons and challengesEdwardson, W.Open Access
1979Food systems : an account of the Postproduction Systems Program supported by the International Development Research CentreForrest, R.S.; Edwardson, W.; Vogel, S.; Yaciuk, G.Open Access
1988Improvement of the small scale food industry in developing countriesEdwardson, W.IDRC Only
1984Improving small scale food industries in developing countriesEdwardson, W.; MacCormac, C.W.Open Access
1987Investigación para el desarrollo de la agroindustria : presentado al curso Espacio Rural para Tecnologos, CIAT, Cali, Colombia, feb.9-28 1987Edwardson, W.Open Access
1985Investigación para mejorar la pequeña industria alimenticia en países en vía de desarrollo : proyectos apoyados por el CIIDEdwardson, W.Open Access
1987Investigación para mejorar pequeñas industrias alimenticias : presentado al curso Espacio Rural para Tecnologos, CIAT, Cali, Colombia, feb. 9-28 1987Edwardson, W.Open Access
1991Mejoramiento de las pequeñas industrias alimentarias en los países en desarrolloEdwardson, W.; MacCormac, C.W.Open Access
Jun-1981Proceedings of a Workshop on Approaches to Process Improvement for Small Food Industry in Developing CountriesEdwardson, W.; MacCormac, C.Open Access