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1977Introduction au Groupe de Travail sur le Sorgho de l'ICRISAT.Institut international de recherche sur la culture des zones tropicales semi-arides; Doggett, H.Open Access
1977Introduction to the ICRISAT Sorghum Workshop.Doggett, H.Open Access
1977Keynote address : ICRISAT International Sorghum WorkshopInternational Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics; Doggett, H.Open Access
1981Look back at the 70'sDoggett, H.Open Access
1974New directions in world cereals research; crops of the semi-arid tropics.Doggett, H.IDRC Only
1975Pest resistance breeding.Doggett, H.; Reddy, K.V.S.; Gowda, B.T.S.; Davies, J.C.; Lawrence, P.IDRC Only
1972Progress in breeding for quality protein in other cereals.CIMMYT; Doggett, H.IDRC Only
1976Quality improvement in sorghum and milletsDoggett, H.IDRC Only
1973Recent developments in sorghum for the semi-arid region.Doggett, H.Open Access
1990Recent developments in the Oil Crops Network and the ORUDoggett, H.Open Access
1972Recurrent selection in sorghum populations.Doggett, H.IDRC Only
1972Report to the Technical Advisory Committee on the proposed organization, method of operation and suggested programme for the ICRISAT networkConsultative Group on International Agricultural Research, Technical Advisory Committee; Doggett, H.; Vallaeys, G.; Webster, O.J.IDRC Only
1988SorghumDoggett, H.IDRC Only
1976SorghumDoggett, H.IDRC Only
1974Sorghum bicolor (Linn.) Moench - Gramineae, Andropogoneae.Doggett, H.IDRC Only
1988Sorghum improvement : national programmesDoggett, H.IDRC Only
1970Sorghum.Doggett, H.IDRC Only
1986Sorgo : la lucha por la aceptaci├│nDoggett, H.Open Access
1986Striga : a parasitic witchweedDoggett, H.IDRC Only
1984Striga : advances in controlDoggett, H.Open Access