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1988Goat meat production in Asia : proceedings of a workshop held in Tando Jam, Pakistan, 13-18 Mar. 1988Devendra, C.Open Access
1991Goat meat production potential in the developing countriesDevendra, C.Open Access
1990Goat production : an international perspectiveDevendra, C.Open Access
1988Goat production in small farm systemsDevendra, C.Open Access
1990Goat production in small farm systems; Devendra, C.Open Access
1987GoatsDevendra, C.IDRC Only
1991Herbivores in AsiaDevendra, C.Open Access
1987Herbivores in the arid and wet tropicsDevendra, C.IDRC Only
1995IDRC experiences in the support of animal production systems research in developing countriesLi Pun, H.H.; Sere, C.; Devendra, C.Open Access
1986Increasing the utilisation of the goat genetic resources in AsiaDevendra, C.IDRC Only
1991Integrated animal / fish mixed cropping systemsDevendra, C.Open Access
1990International Development Research Centre activities in research and development of small farm ruminantsDevendra, C.Open Access
1991International Development Research Centre strategies for research and development of small ruminantsDevendra, C.IDRC Only
1986Leucaena forage supplementation of ruminant diets in the ASEAN regionDevendra, C.Open Access
1988Nomenclature, terminology and definitions appropriate to animal nutritionDevendra, C.Open Access
1989Non conventional feeds : potential value for animals in the Asian regionDevendra, C.IDRC Only
1988Non-conventional feed resources and fibrous agricultural residues : strategies for expanded utilization; proceedings of a consultation held in Hisar, India, 21-29 Mar. 1988Devendra, C.Open Access
1985Non-conventional feed resources in Asia and the PacificRegional Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia, the Far East and the South West Pacific; Devendra, C.Open Access
1988Nutrition and meat productionDevendra, C.Open Access
1989Nutrition of and feeding strategies for improving productivity in buffalo genotypesDevendra, C.Open Access