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1987Approaches to research donor evaluations : a review of the issuesDaniels, W.D.; Young, A.M.Open Access
1982Asignación de Recursos para la Investigación Agrícola : actividades del taller efectuado en Singapur, 8-10 jun. 1981Daniels, W.D.; Nestel, B.L.; Federación Internacional para la Investigación y el Desarrollo Agrícolas; CIIDOpen Access
1987Choosing input indicators for research managersDaniels, W.D.IDRC Only
1977Collaboration in agricultural researchDaniels, W.D.; MacCormac, C.W.; Hulse, J.H.Open Access
1993Defining critical mass : the case of animal researchIDRC; Daniels, W.D.; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1975Economics of transferHulse, J.H.; Daniels, W.D.Open Access
1974Economics of transferHulse, J.H.; Daniels, W.D.Open Access
1989Evaluación en la gestión gerencial de la investigaciónDaniels, W.D.; Dottridge, T.IDRC Only
1985Evaluating national research systems and programs in the Third World : some commentsDaniels, W.D.; Sing ChewOpen Access
1987Evaluation in national agricultural research : proceedings of a workshop held in Singapore, 7-9 July 1986Daniels, W.D.; IDRC; International Federation of Agricultural Research Systems for DevelopmentOpen Access
1988Evaluation in the management of researchDaniels, W.D.; Dottridge, T.Open Access
1989Evaluation process in a development agencyDaniels, W.D.Open Access
1985Evaluations in the Third World national research systems : some trends and operational experiencesSing Chew; Daniels, W.D.Open Access
1988Évaluation de la recherche agricole à l'échelle nationale : compte rendu d'un atelier tenu à Singapour 7-9 juil. 1986Daniels, W.D.; CRDI; Fédération internationale des systèmes de recherche agricole pour le développementOpen Access
1976History and development of the International Centre for Agricultural Research on Dry Areas (ICARDA) up to January, 1976.Daniels, W.D.Open Access
1986IDRC evaluation systemIDRC; Daniels, W.D.Open Access
1982Improving productivity through research collaborationDaniels, W.D.; Kishk, F.Open Access
1989Issues in strategic planningDaniels, W.D.Open Access
1993Managing agricultural research : views from a funding agencyDaniels, W.D.; Dottridge, T.IDRC Only
1975Protein supplements - world production and tradeHulse, J.H.; Fawcett, B.D.; Daniels, W.D.IDRC Only