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1976ASEAN: the road from BaliCorea, E.Open Access
-Asia scientists link to stop harvest lossesCorea, E.IDRC Only
-Asian science writers have taken the first steps - but a revolution is needed.Corea, E.IDRC Only
1981Beyond dialogue : a southern call for action to meet the growing crisis of Third World developmentCorea, E.IDRC Only
1977Bombe biologique est désamorcéeCorea, E.Open Access
1981Comienzan los programas cooperativosCorea, E.Open Access
1980Cooperative programs : lecture given in Vancouver at the Simon Fraser University Seminar, Dec. 8, 9 and 10, 1980Corea, E.Open Access
1981Cooperative programs launchedIDRC; Corea, E.Open Access
1978Eficacia del radioforo campesinoCorea, E.Open Access
1977Grounds for cautious optimism?Corea, E.Open Access
1977In the shadow of Vietnam : conflict or co-operationCorea, E.Open Access
1978Journalists as partners in developmentCorea, E.Open Access
1977Non-alignment : the dynamics of a movementCanadian Institute of International Affairs; Corea, E.IDRC Only
1980North South relations : beyond dialogue; notes for talk at SID Meeting, Ottawa, Sept. 26, 1980Corea, E.Open Access
1977One good harvest is not enoughCorea, E.Open Access
1978Periodistas : su vinculación al desarrolloCorea, E.Open Access
1978Presse et le développement agricoleCorea, E.Open Access
1981Programmes de coopération en marcheCorea, E.Open Access
1977Quelques bonnes récoltes ne sauraient suffireCorea, E.IDRC Only
1977Quelques récoltes exceptionnelles ne sauraient suffireCorea, E.Open Access