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1963Bringing research to the farmerCooney, S.; Walshe, M.J.IDRC Only
1974Criteria for a user-oriented cost-effective information service; an analysis of the East African Literature Service.Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1969Current applications of Boolean logic to advanced systems for the storage and retrieval, and for the selective dissemination, of technical information.Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1974Documentation and information services in An Foras Taluntais 1964-1974.Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1968East African scientific literature service.Kenya National Agricultural Research Station; Cooney, S.Open Access
1973Institutional roles in technology transfer; a diagnosis of the situation in one small country.Allen, T.J.; Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1971International technological gatekeeper.Allen, T.J.; Piepmeier, J.M.; Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1975Long term plan for AIBASoutheast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1975Management of information transfer for successful agricultural research.Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1975Promoting communication among scientistsCooney, S.IDRC Only
1969Scientific and technical information; towards a total policy in support of economic and social development.Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1975Scientific literature servicesSoutheast Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture; Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1965Showing farmers the value of research at "open days".Cooney, S.; Walshe, M.J.IDRC Only
1974Technological gatekeeper and policies for national and international transfer of information.Cooney, S.IDRC Only
1969Vocabulary control; letter to the editor.Cooney, S.IDRC Only