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1999Farmer - based experimentation with velvetbean : innovation within traditionBuckles, Daniel J.; Perales, H.IDRC Only
2002Farmer to farmer : South Asia - Canada dialogue on the future of agriculture; proceedings, Aug. 16-25, 2002, Victoria, BCBuckles, Daniel J.; Mahzar, F.; Caouette, D.; Conway, K.IDRC Only
2008Farmer-based research on alternatives to tobacco productionAkhter, Farida; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2002Food security in South Asia : enhancing community capacity to generate knowledge and influence policy; selected abstracts of farmer and community led research in South AsiaBuckles, Daniel J.; Mazhar, Farhad; Akhter, Farida; Khedkar, Rajeev; Baral, PalashOpen Access
2007Food sovereignty and uncultivated biodiversity in South Asia : essays on the poverty of food policy and the wealth of the social landscapeMazhar, Farhad; Buckles, Daniel J.; Satheesh, P.V.; Akhter, FaridaOpen Access
1999Gestion des conflits : une perspective hétéroculturelleBuckles, Daniel J.; Chevalier, J.M.Open Access
2007Guía práctica de campo : SAS2om; sistemas de análisis socialChevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2006History of events and actions that have harmed or protected Rupa Lake in the Pokhara Valley of NepalPoudel, Diwakar; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2006Ideal scenario of legal title in Siddeshwarwadi, Maharastra, IndiaBuckles, Daniel J.; Khedkar, R.; Patil, D.; Ghevde, B.Open Access
2007Identifying stakeholders in a project to prevent and reduce the impacts of floods and landslides in NepalSapkota, T.B.; Poudel, Diwakar; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2006Identifying the features of new cash crops in tobacco producing areas of Western BangladeshBuckles, Daniel J.; Akhter, FaridaOpen Access
2006Impacts on knowledge and skills among participants in a youth exchange programChevalier, Jacques M.; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access
1998Innovative approaches to conserving agricultural biodiversityBuckles, Daniel J.; Krishna, S.M.; Gupta, A.K.; Mazhar, F.Open Access
2006Insecure village and housing land among the Katkari, Maharastra, IndiaBuckles, Daniel J.; Khedkar, R.; Patil, D.; Ghevde, B.Open Access
1999Introduction : conflict and collaboration in natural resource managementBuckles, Daniel J.; Rusnak, G.Open Access
2006Katkari views on livelihoods, Kumbharshetwadi, Maharastra, IndiaBuckles, Daniel J.; Khedkar, R.; Patil, D.; Ghevde, B.Open Access
1994Memoria : taller sobre las políticas para una agricultura sustentable en la Sierra de los Tuxtlas y Santa Marta, Veracruz, 3-4 de marzo de 1994, Veracruz, Ver.CIMMYT; Buckles, Daniel J.; Arcos Rojas, C.P.; Díaz Padilla, G.; Cruz Agüero, J.; Narave Flores, H.Open Access
2008Needs assessment for the Bonnechere River Watershed Project websiteBuckles, Daniel J.Open Access
2006Peasant world university : food for thoughtMazhar, Farhad; Chevalier, Jacques M.; Akhter, Farida; Buckles, Daniel J.; Bourassa, MichelleOpen Access
1998Phytochemistry, toxicology, and food potential of velvetbean (Mucuna Adans. spp., Fabaceae)Buckles, Daniel J.; Lorenzetti, F.; MacIsaac, S.; Arnason, J.T.; Awang, D.V.C.Open Access