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Jul-2004Agua : manejo a nivel localBrooks, David B.Open Access
1993Aguas israelitas y palestinas : economía, ecología y equidadBrooks, David B.Open Access
1992Another Middle East time bomb : Israel, Palestine and waterBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
1990Au-delà des slogans : que signifie exactement le développement durable?Brooks, David B.Open Access
1996Between the great rivers : water in the heart of the Middle EastBrooks, David B.Open Access
1990Beyond catch phrases : what does sustainable development really mean?Brooks, David B.Open Access
1993Beyond catch phrases : what does sustainable development really mean?Brooks, David B.IDRC Only
1997Book review / State of the world - 1997 : a Worldwatch Institute report on progress toward a sustainable societyBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
1991Book reviews : electricity for rural peopleBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
2002Case study of sustainable improvement of marginal lands in Arsaal, Lebanon : phases I and II; a contribution to "Strategic Evaluation : Research Influence on Policy"Brooks, David B.Open Access
1992Challenge of sustainability : is integrating environment and economy enough?Brooks, David B.IDRC Only
1999Community - based natural resources management as a programming element within E & NR [ENR] : or is it ecosystem management for sustainable livelihoods; but why can't we just be simple and conceivably understandable by saying food and water securityBrooks, David B.Open Access
2000Drinking (water) with your enemyBrooks, David B.; Linton, J.Open Access
2002Eau : gérer localementBrooks, David B.Open Access
1993Economic, ecological and geopolitical dimensions of water in IsraelBrooks, David B.; Lonergan, S.C.Open Access
1994Economics, ecology and equity : lessons from the energy crisis in managing water shared by Israelis and PalestiniansBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
1990ElectricityEnergy Research Group; Munasinghe, M.; Brooks, David B.; Tabors, R.D.; Scott, W.G.; Shah, K.R.IDRC Only
1991Energy policy in Canada : conventional approaches and environmental challengesBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
1990Energy, environment and development : some directions for policy researchBrooks, David B.; Krugmann, H.IDRC Only
1996Environment, society and economy : policies working togetherBrooks, David B.; Schnurr, JamieOpen Access