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1991Environmental issues and democratic socialism in Canada, or seeing green through pink tinted glassesBrooks, David B.; Paehlke, R.IDRC Only
1996Environnement, société, économie : parties d'un ensemble?Brooks, David B.; Schnurr, JamieOpen Access
1990Énergie et le Tiers Monde : table rondeMullin, J.; Brooks, David B.; Culpeper, R.; Runnalls, D.; Fedorowicz, J.IDRC Only
1995HydroelectricityBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
1996IDRC programme staff meeting, Jan. 10, 1996Pestieau, C.; Brooks, David B.; Voss, J.Open Access
2002In conversation : David Brooks on water scarcity and local - level managementBrooks, David B.; Grigoroff, I.Open Access
1990Israel and the environment : signs of progressBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
1992Israel's newest problem : water availabilityBrooks, David B.; Lonergan, S.IDRC Only
1992Israel's newest problem water availability : part oneBrooks, David B.; Lonergan, S.IDRC Only
1992Israel, Palestine and water : another Middle East time bombBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
1993Israeli and Palestinian waters : economics, ecology and equityBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
1993Israeli and Palestinian waters : economics, ecology and equityBrooks, David B.Open Access
2000Keynote address : access to water in the Eastern MediterraneanBrooks, David B.Open Access
2001Local water supply and management : a compendium of 30 [thirty] years of IDRC - funded researchIDRC; Brooks, David B.; Wolfe, Sarah; Shames, TillyOpen Access
1997Management of water demand in Africa and the Middle East : current practices and future needsIDRC; Brooks, David B.; Rached, E.; Saade, M.Open Access
1990Markets for utility electricityBrooks, David B.IDRC Only
1985Markets for utility electricity with efficient applicationEnergy Research Group; Brooks, David B.IDRC Only
1996Match de la vie : PalestineTVA; Montagne, Y.; Brooks, David B.; Pelletier, G.IDRC Only
1990Más allá de las frases llamativas : qué significa realmente desarrollo sostenible?Brooks, David B.Open Access
1991Megacities and megawatts : urban energy use in AsiaTyler, S.R.; Brooks, David B.IDRC Only