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-Canada and Latin America: the case for Canadian involvement.Brecher, I.; Brecher, R.A.IDRC Only
1962Canada's foreign economic aidBrecher, I.IDRC Only
1970Canada's International Development Research Centre.Canada. Parliament. House of Commons; Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1955Canadian monetary thought and policy in the 1920'sBrecher, I.IDRC Only
1965Capital flows between Canada and the United States.National Planning Association; Private Planning Association of Canada; Canadian-American Committee; Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1973Development planning and policy in Pakistan 1950-1970.National Institute of Social and Economic Research; Baqai, M.; Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1967Director's remarks; annual report 1969-70.Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1959Flow of United States investment funds into Canada since World War II.Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1969Foreign - aid requirements; a critique of aid projections with special reference to Pakistan.Baqai, M.; Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1972Foreign aid and industrial development in PakistanBrecher, I.; Abbas, S.A.IDRC Only
-Foreign aid; an orphan to Canada.Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1989Human rights, development and foreign policy : Canadian perspectivesMcGill University; Canadian Human Rights Foundation; Institute for Research on Public Policy; Brecher, I.IDRC Only
-Myth and reality of Canada - U.S. relations.Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1963Priorities of development.Brecher, I.IDRC Only
1968Proposed program of social - science research; a working paperBrecher, I.IDRC Only