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2007Following the funding for HIV/AIDS : a comparative analysis of the funding practices of PEPFAR, the Global Fund and World Bank MAP in Mozambique, Uganda and ZambiaOomman, Nandini; Bernstein, Michael; Rosenzweig, StevenIDRC Only
2010Increasing patient access to antiretrovirals : recommended actions for a more efficient global supply chain; a background paper prepared for the HIV/AIDS Monitor at the Center for Global DevelopmentLalvani, Paul; Yadav, Prashant; Curtis, Kirsten; Bernstein, MichaelIDRC Only
2008Numbers behind the stories : PEPFAR funding for fiscal years 2004 to 2006Oomman, Nandini; Bernstein, Michael; Rosenzweig, Steven; Pearson, Jonathan; Communications Development IncorporatedIDRC Only
Nov-2007PEPFAR Reauthorization: Improving Transparency in U.S. Funding for HIV/AIDSBernstein, Michael; Hise, Sarah JaneIDRC Only
2008Seizing the opportunity on AIDS and health systems : a comparison of donor interactions with national health systems in Mozambique, Uganda, and Zambia, focusing on the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the World Bank's Africa Multi-Country AIDS ProgramOomman, Nandini; Bernstein, Michael; Rosenzweig, Steven; Communications Development IncorporatedIDRC Only
5-Mar-2007Trickle or a Flood: Commitments and Disbursement for HIV/AIDS from the Global Fund, PEPFAR, and the World Bank's Multi-Country AIDS Program (MAP)Bernstein, Michael; Sessions, MyraIDRC Only