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1985Ferrocement roofing elementAsian Institute of Technology; Sashi Kumar, K.; Sharma, P.C.; Nimityongskul. P.IDRC Only
1980Ferrocement water tankAsian Institute of Technology; Sharma, P.C.; Gopalaratnam, V.S.IDRC Only
1986Field experiences with the AIT solar rice dryerAsian Institute of Technology; Exell, R.H.B.IDRC Only
1992Final report / Ferrocement Information Network (FIN) Activities for Rural Development, 1989-1992Asian Institute of TechnologyIDRC Only
1979Final report no. III on optimization of drying and pelleting techniques for tapioca rootsAsian Institute of Technology; Thanh, N.C.; Muttamara, S.; Lohani, B.N.; Rao, B.V.P.C.; Burintratikul, S.IDRC Only
1980Final report on Asian Information Center for Geotechnical Engineering, AGE - Phase II (1 Mar. 1977 to 29 Feb. 1980)Asian Institute of TechnologyIDRC Only
1986Final report on Environmental Sanitation Information Center, 14 July 1982-13 July 1985Asian Institute of TechnologyIDRC Only
1980Final report on fish cultivation in sewage stabilization pond effluentAsian Institute of Technology; Edwards, P.; Sinchumpasak, O.A.; Labshsetwar, V.K.; Ouano, E.A.R.; Tabucanon, M.IDRC Only
1983Final report on International Ferrocement Information Center ... Apr. 1, 1980 to Mar. 31, 1983Asian Institute of TechnologyIDRC Only
1983Final report on manual soybean seederAsian Institute of Technology; Singh, G.; Rahman, M.IDRC Only
1982Final report on recycling rural and urban nightsoil in ThailandAsian Institute of Technology; Chongrak Polprasert; Edwards, P.; Chintana Pacharaprakiti; Vijai Singh Rajput; Siriwait SuthirawutIDRC Only
1978Functional design of water supply for rural communitiesAsian Institute of Technology; IDRC; Thanh, N.C.IDRC Only
2011Gender, cross-border migrant workers and citizenship : a case study of the Burmese-Thai border; final technical reportKusakabe, Kyoko; Pearson, Ruth; Zin Mar Oo; Naw Htee Heh; Jaroenrith, Kanokporn; Asian Institute of Technology; University of LeedsIDRC Only
1985Historical development of ferrocementAsian Institute of Technology; Robles-Austriaco, L.IDRC Only
1990Housing bibliographyAsian Institute of TechnologyIDRC Only
1985Housing bibliographyAsian Institute of TechnologyIDRC Only
1981Human and animal waste management strategies in developing countriesAsian Institute of Technology; Lohani, B.N.; Rajagopal, K.IDRC Only
1988IDRC, IFIC and outreachAsian Institute of TechnologyIDRC Only
1983Information services for developing countriesAsian Institute of Technology; Valls, J.IDRC Only
2006Integrated policy for bio-innovations in agriculture and health in Asia : technical workshop report, 13-14 Nov. 2006Asian Institute of Technology; Rakshit, Sudip K.; Osir, Ellie; Ellis, Wyn W.; Caspillo, Mary RosaryIDRC Only