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2004Boosting human nutrition through land use modeling : an alternative to biofortificationAmede, Tilahun; Mekonen, Kindu; Bekele, Agidew; Stroud, AnnOpen Access
2006Creating niches for integration of green manures and risk management through growing maize cultivar mixtures in Southern Ethiopian HighlandsAmede, Tilahun; Bekele, Agidew; Opondo, ChrisIDRC Only
2003Differential entry points to address complex natural resource constraints in the highlands of Eastern AfricaAmede, TilahunOpen Access
2006Guidelines for integration of legumes into the farming systems of East African HighlandsAmede, Tilahun; Kirkby, RogerIDRC Only
2006Improved decision-making for achieving triple benefits of food security, income and environmental services through modeling cropping systems in the Ethiopian HighlandsAmede, Tilahun; Delve, RobertIDRC Only
2006Integrated natural resource management in practice : enabling communities to improve mountain livelihoods and landscapes; proceedings of a conference held on October 12-15, 2004 at ICRAF headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya. Kampala, Uganda: African Highlands Initiative, Nairobi, KenyaAmede, Tilahun; German, Laura; Rao, Sheila; Opondo, Chris; Stroud, AnnIDRC Only
2012Integrated natural resource management in the Highlands of Eastern Africa : from concept to practiceGerman, Laura; Mowo, Jeremias; Amede, Tilahun; Masuki, KennethOpen Access
2006Optimizing soil fertility gradients in the enset systems of the Ethiopian Highlands : trade-offs and local innovationsAmede, Tilahun; Diro, MulugetaIDRC Only
2006Participatory integrated watershed management : evolution of concepts and methodsGerman, Laura; Mansoor, Hussein; Alemu, Getachew; Mazengia, Waga; Amede, Tilahun; Stroud, AnneIDRC Only
2012Project evaluation report on ‘Enhancing the Adaptive Management Capacities of Rural Communities for Sustainable Land Management in the Highlands of Eastern Africa’ : devolution of SLM scaling up roles and responsibilitiesAmede, TilahunOpen Access
2003Restoring soil fertility in the highlands of East Africa through participatory researchAmede, TilahunOpen Access
2006Reversing degradation of arable lands in Southern EthiopiaAmede, Tilahun; Belachew, Takele; Geta, EndriasIDRC Only
2004Soil fertility decision guide formulation : assisting farmers with varying objectives to integrate legume cover cropsAmede, TilahunOpen Access