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2002Food security in South Asia : enhancing community capacity to generate knowledge and influence policy; selected abstracts of farmer and community led research in South AsiaBuckles, Daniel J.; Mazhar, Farhad; Akhter, Farida; Khedkar, Rajeev; Baral, PalashOpen Access
2007Food sovereignty and uncultivated biodiversity in South Asia : essays on the poverty of food policy and the wealth of the social landscapeMazhar, Farhad; Buckles, Daniel; Satheesh, P.V.; Akhter, FaridaOpen Access
May-2011From tobacco to food production : consolidation, dissemination and policy advocacy (Bangladesh); final technical report, April 2009 – March 2011Akhter, Farida; Mazhar, Farhad; Sobhan, M.A.; Baral, Palash; Das Shimu, ShimaOpen Access
2006Identifying the features of new cash crops in tobacco producing areas of Western BangladeshBuckles, Daniel J.; Akhter, FaridaOpen Access
2006Peasant world university : food for thoughtMazhar, Farhad; Chevalier, Jacques M.; Akhter, Farida; Buckles, Daniel J.; Bourassa, MichelleOpen Access
2000Proceeding of South Asian workshop on uncultivated food and plants, 2-4 Oct. 1999, Bishnupur, Tangail, BangladeshMenon, Ambika; Akhter, Farida; Buckles, Daniel J.IDRC Only
2006Profile of households in tobacco growing regions of BangladeshBuckles, Daniel J.; Akhter, FaridaOpen Access
2008SAS2 and the ineffable : communicating with SadhusMazhar, Farhad; Akhter, Farida; Buckles, Daniel J.Open Access