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The IDRC Digital Library provides the international research community with access to a current and comprehensive collection of research results and documents generated by IDRC-funded projects, IDRC funding recipients, and IDRC staff about a wide range of subjects related to international development. See About the IDRC Digital Library for more information.

Document Delivery Service

The IDRC Digital Library provides access to a comprehensive collection of research results and documents dating back to 1970, the year IDRC was created. Approximately 40% of the metadata records include links to full text documents. This is due to the retrospective nature of the collection. To enquire about document delivery, contact the IDRC Library at or at 613-696-2578.



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Corporate and Special Collections / Collections générales et spéciales [14121]
Economics / Économie [6525]
Environment /Environnement [9791]
Evaluation / Évaluation [2033]
Food and Agriculture / Alimentation et agriculture [8208]
Governance / Gouvernance [2713]
Health / Santé [7100]
Historical / Historique [69905]
ICT4D / TIC-D [2674]
IDRC / CRDI [51182]
Information and Communication / Information et communication [6686]
Natural Resources / Ressources naturelles [1395]
Science and Technology / Science et technologie [2053]
Social Policy / Politique sociale [1254]


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