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The IDRC Digital Library provides the international research community with access to a current and comprehensive collection of research results and documents generated by IDRC-funded projects, IDRC funding recipients, and IDRC staff about a wide range of subjects related to international development. See About the IDRC Digital Library for more information.

Document Delivery Service

The IDRC Digital Library provides access to a comprehensive collection of research results and documents dating back to 1970, the year IDRC was created. Approximately 40% of the metadata records include links to full text documents. This is due to the retrospective nature of the collection. To enquire about document delivery, contact the IDRC Library at or at 613-696-2578.



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Agriculture and Food Security (AFS) / Agriculture et sécurité alimentaire (ASA) [513]
Audio-visual/Audio-visuel [637]
Canadian International Food Security Research Fund / Fonds canadien de recherche sur la sécurité alimentaire internationale [60]
Canadian Partnerships (CP) / Partenariats canadiens (PC) [293]
Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (CCAA) / Le programme Adaptation aux changements climatiques en Afrique (ACCA) [782]
Climate Change and Water (CCW) / Changements climatiques et eau (CCE) [1068]
Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative (CARIAA) / Initiative de recherche concertée sur l'adaptation (IRCAAA) [4]
Ecohealth / Écosanté [2988]
Environmental Economics/Économie de l'environnement [243]
Evaluation Unit / Section de l'évaluation [2030]
Fellowships and Awards / Programme de bourses [240]
Global Health Research Initiative (GHRI) / Initiative de recherche en santé mondiale (IRSM) [350]
Globalization, Growth and Poverty (GGP) / Mondialisation, croissance et pauvreté (MCP) [2292]
Governance for Equity in Health Systems (GEHS) / Gouvernance pour l’équité dans les systèmes de santé (GESS) [893]
Governance, Security, and Justice (GSJ) / Gouvernance, sécurité et justice (GSJ) [599]
Historical / Historique [64747]
ICT4D / TIC-D [2671]
IDRC Books / Les Éditions du CRDI [2000]
IDRC Challenge Fund / Fonds d’encouragement du CRDI [233]
IDRC / CRDI [50443]
Impact of Public Access to ICT (IPAI) / Impact de l’accès public aux TIC (IAPT) [68]
Information and Networks (I&N) / Information et réseaux (I&R) [284]
Innovation for Inclusive Development (IID) / Innovation au service du développement inclusif (IDI) [298]
Innovation, Technology and Society (ITS) / Innovation, technologie et société (ITS) [926]
Institute for Connectivity in the Americas (ICA) / Institut pour la connectivité dans les Amériques (ICA) [254]
International Development: Ideas, Experience and Prospects [53]
Non-Communicable Disease Prevention (NCDP) / Prévention des maladies non transmissibles (PMNT) [298]
PAN-Americas / Pan Amériques [202]
Partnership and Business Development Division (PBDD) / Division des partenariats et du développement des affaires (DPDA) [73]
Peace, Conflict and Development (PCD) / Paix, conflits et développement (PCD) [612]
President's Office / Bureau du/de la président(e) [1181]
RIMISP Core Support for Rural Development Research [94]
Rural Poverty and Environment (RPE) / Pauvreté rurale et environnement (PRE) [2598]
Social Analysis Systems (SAS2) / Systèmes d'analyse sociale (SAS2) [96]
Special Initiatives Division (SID) / Division des initiatives spéciales (DIS) [1421]
Supporting Inclusive Growth (SIG) / Croissance pour tous (CPT) [269]
Think Tank Initiative/Initiative Think Tank [27]
Urban Poverty and Environment (UPE) / Pauvreté urbaine et environnement (PURE) [821]
Women's Rights and Citizenship (WRC) / Droits des femmes et participation citoyenne (DFPC) [340]


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